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"Don't be afraid to be original. Maintain your vision, think big and the forces of the universe will come to your aid."

- Marilyn

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Hollywood Mansion

  • Unique Locations for Your Holiday Party
    Yes, it’s usually the month of December that directs your thoughts to your company’s holiday party, social events and entertaining in general.

    But do you realize that the most desirable party and event locations for the holidays are booked well in advance?  This is a perfect time to grab an available date before it’s gone at one of the unique, spectacular locations that will really lift spirits at your company’s holiday party this year.

    If you are a business owner, executive or office administrator who wears the party planning hat for your company, whether for the holiday party, client receptions, product launchings or theme parties…this article is for you...

  • Unique Venues for Off-Site Events
    Los Angeles Business Journal, Meetings & Conventions
    Los Angeles is a meeting planner's dream when plans include a reception, theme party or event at an off-site location. Creative possibilities abound in the City of Angels given the diversity of its business and cultural community, the entertainment industry and architectural influences. 
    Spectacular mansions, unique museums, film studios and private entertainment industry facilities, theatre lobbies, historic landmarks, exclusive clubs and restaurants, ranches, yachts, and much more provide the creative alternatives you want to impress your guests.

  • Creating the Perfect Off-Site Event
    Los Angeles Business Journal, Meetings & Conventions

    The City of Angels has a diverse and exciting selection of special event venues to offer the meeting planner/event coordinator.

    When selecting your venue, there are six basic elements to keep in mind. The basic elements of an event are: Location Site; Catering and Beverage Service; Rental Equipment; Theme and Decor; Music and Entertainment; and Transportation.

  • Location, Location - How to Approach Out-of-Sight Sites   
    Inside Events

    Who can resist dinner at a Beverly Hills Estate, a "Hollywood" bash at a movie studie, a real California beach party or a trip to another era at a unique museum gala? Everyone knows that the film industry uses locations for its productions, but an equally vast and exciting selection of venues is available for off-site events. As a professional who brings clients and fabulous party sites together, I learned long ago that for every special event there is a perfect location.

  • Relax...It's Only a Movie - Los Angeles Defines "Reel" Life Adventure  
    Los Angeles Business Journal, Meetings & Conventions

    Think of Los Angeles, not as a city, but as an approximately 500 square mile production lot with continuous live action adventure, year in and year out. Los Angeles is unique in keeping the world community in a state of suspended disbelief. 
    Los Angeles, California is synonymous with the word "Hollywood" and no other spot in the universe can provide the glamour, the excitement and the fascination of Movietown, USA.

  • Angel of Tourism
    Vistas West, United Express Inflight Magazine

    Oh, my. This truly must be the City of Angels!
    For if there is an Archangel of Tourism, she probably lives in Los Angeles.

    LA: A Meeting Planner's Dream

    If Los Angeles is synonymous with the word "Hollywood," then no other spot in the universe can provide the glamour, the excitement and the fascination of Movietown, USA. And that's just fine for another L.A. angel of promotion, Marilyn Jenett, event planner extraordinaire.

  • Theatre Art
    Special Events Magazine

    Clever staging and creative lighting transformed an indoor theater into a starlit outdoor garden.

    When looking for a venue that complements an outdoor garden-themed event, few would consider a vintage movie theater. But that's exactly where Marilyn Jenett, of Los Angeles-based Marilyn Jenett Locations, produced an event for Home & Garden Television at the National Cable Television Association convention in New Orleans. The landmark theater was transformed into an enchanting outdoor courtyard, complete with stars - shining both in the sky and on the stage.

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    This is a partial list of Marilyn's corporate and convention clients and some of the spectacular events she produced for them over the years.

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