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Marilyn Jenett

"Don't be afraid to be original. Maintain your vision, think big and the forces of the universe will come to your aid."

- Marilyn

Media Publicity


Media darling…circa 1984: Los Angeles Times – a journey begins

…1986 and on - the journey continues…

With no publicist, PR or marketing resources, and using only her prosperity principles and the “Universe as her marketing department,” Marilyn manifested major media coverage, including a cover feature story in the Los Angeles Times that attracted thousands of telephone calls, syndication around the world, and local and national television segments.

Over the next two decades, Marilyn continued to spontaneously attract the world’s largest corporations as clients – without marketing, advertising, networking or cold calling. Her achievements in the business world were the result of the prosperity principles she now teaches in her Feel Free to Prosper program.

Below is media coverage about Marilyn and a link to read articles written by Marilyn for notable publications.


PM Magazine (National and Local)
Two on the Town
ABC Newscope (National)
AM Los Angeles
What’s Hot, What’s Not
Talk of the Town



KFAC Tom Franklin Show (Los Angeles)
WJBR Morning Rush (Philadelphia)
Numerous National and International Shows


Major Newspapers - Feature Stories

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Business Journal
Los Angeles Herald Examiner

International Syndication of feature photo article released
through Associate Press, News America Syndicate and Times of London Syndicate,
appearing in major newspapers, including:

Sacramento Bee
Camden Courier Post
Milwaukee Journal
New Orleans Times
San Diego Tribune
Dallas Morning News
Baltimore Sun

Local Newspapers

Century City News
Brentwood Media Group - Five Cities
Santa Monica Outlook

Magazines - Feature Articles

Top Priority Magazine (Union Bank)
Sunset Magazine
Los Angeles Magazine
London Daily Mail
The Star
Vistas West (United Express Airlines)


Marilyn says you haven't "arrived" until you end up in a tabloid...

Star Magazine  Star Magazine

Trade Publications

Meeting News
Special Events Magazine
Inside Events Magazine
The Planner (Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Places Directory (New York)

For Articles Written by Marilyn, click here

Villa Bella

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